1OAK Capital offers a number of systematic liquid alterntive beta programs.  They can be accessed in a variety of formats including managed accounts on dbSelect and Societe' Generale in addition to fund format, notes, certificates and warrants.

1OAK LAB (Liquid Alternative Beta) is an unconstrained multi asset absolute returns strategy which aims to generate positive risk adjusted returns over the economic cycle whilst targeting a volatility of 6%-8%.  


1OAK LAB emplys proprietary asset allocation models, investing in liquid financial instruments and adjusting its exposure dynamically over time


Since inception in May 2012 it has delivered consistent risk adjusted returns by implementing a well diversified, balanced long / short portfolio.

1OAK Top 50 aims to systematically replicate the returns of the EUREKAHEDGE 50 Index, an equally-weighted portfolio of the world's 50 top hedge funds, ranked by size, length of track record, and stability of long-term returns, which itself is not investable as many constituent managers are closed or restricted. 


1OAK Top 50 applies proprietary factor regression techniques to deliver a low tracking error to the underlying benchmark and dynamic risk management techniques to target a volatility of 6%-8%.  

Asset Class

FX, equities, commodities, interest rates futures

Investment Style

Systematic, balanced, unconstrained long/short


Asset Class 

Equities, commodities, interest rates, FX, ETFs

Investment Style 

Systematic, multi factor, long/short, replication


1 OAK TOP 50