About us 

Founded in 2009, 1OAK Capital is a London headquartered asset manager specialised in quantitative liquid alternative programs across asset classes for institutional clients and family offices. 1OAK Capital is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (registration number: 501453). 


Additionally to our investment management activities within our AIMFD compliant PANAREA SICAV we have also partnered with global investment banks to deliver innovative investment formats and bespoke solutions via separate managed accounts and dedicated sub-funds. 


Within 1OAK, our commitment is to combine the group’s strengths in investment banking and asset management in order to offer a superior advantage compared to the plain asset management industry

Our vision

At 1OAK, we believe in the power of diversification, experience and research & development. We embed these principles in our corporate culture, our teams and our portfolios. 


Our team utilizes technology, data and market experience seeking to provide investors with value through market cycles and economic environments including many stress periods for traditional asset classes.


Today, 1OAK's process of continuous research and development has resulted in innovative investment programs filling the gap in the alternative asset management industry offering. 


We believe strong risk management is effected through ongoing research and monitoring of our investment programs, but that it fundamentally derives from a mindset of humility and responsibility towards our investors.

Our offering

1OAK offers in open architecture four distinctive lines of asset management programs: Alpha, Alternative Beta, Risk Premia and Multi Manager.


1OAK asset management caters to a demanding and diverse global client base with investment programs across asset classes, investment styles, themes and risk-adjusted return objectives.


1OAK has a lengthy track record and experience in designing and managing a wide range of liquid investment strategies that aim to provide steady returns with low correlations to traditional financial markets across different asset classes.


In addition to its own in-house, quant driven absolute returns (alpha) and beta replication strategies, 1OAK has vast experience in tailoring and managing bespoke portfolios for institutional clients, underpinned by the robust risk management framework and quantitative know-how.


Particular focus is given to manufacturing effective investment solutions for our clients, seeking to provide specific portfolio returns characteristics together with a high degree of liquidity, safety and transparency of the underlying investments.