AI & Robotics

1OAK Capital offers a number of investment programs linked to the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics space.  They can be accessed in a variety of formats.

Asset Class

RAIA equities on major global exchanges and global equity futures

Investment Style

Unconstrained tactical growth

Asset Class

Global futures in equities, commodities, bonds, rates and FX, ETFs stocks and bonds

Investment Style

Systematic, multi-strategy, unconstrained


1OAK Capital manages RAIA (Robotics Artificial Intelligence Automation), a unique tactical growth strategy developed in-house and supported by ROBO Global, a specialised advisory and research company focused on Robotics, AI and Automation.

1OAK RAIA offers investors an effective way to access the RAIA revolution, through a dynamically evolving portfolio of high conviction equities selected via a proprietary investment process.

1OAK implements risk management through an active overlay which adjusts the portfolio's equity market risk exposure over time.

1OAK Machine Learning 

1OAK Capital applies Machine Learning techniques to manage diversified portfolios of sub-strategies across different asset classes.  Machine Learning techniquest are utilised to intelligently manage portfolios of sub-strategies, and to analyse large bodies of data in order to research and discover patterns in the returns and correlations across a broad spectrum of liquid asset classes.